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October 07, 2020
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Spinal disc problems due to an accident, injury, or medical condition can lead to serious back and neck pain. Spinal disc surgery is one possible treatment option, but there are several non-surgical alternatives as well. Chiropractic care and massage therapy are just two possibilities. Dr. George Kollias, Dr. Autumn Scaz, or Dr. Elissa Pally, the experienced chiropractors at Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy in Tampa, FL, can discuss alternatives to disc surgery and recommend a specific treatment method for you.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care involves the use of various techniques and therapies for adjusting the spine. Improving spinal alignment can provide relief from the pain and discomfort associated with disc problems, such as bulging or herniated discs. The benefits of chiropractic care include pain relief, increased range of motion, decreased muscle spasms, increased mobility, reduced degeneration, and a reduction in tissue inflammation.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can also be used to effectively treat neck and back pain due to spinal disc problems. Specific massage techniques are used to manipulate the body’s soft tissues and deliver pain relief. Traction massage is one type of therapy that is particularly effective at stretching the back muscles. It can be used to relax the back muscles before performing spinal adjustments to achieve even better results.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is another alternative to disc surgery offered at our practice in Tampa. This treatment method helps alleviate pain by reducing inflammation and is highly effective for treating injuries affecting spinal discs. It also rejuvenates damaged cells by accelerating cellular reproduction and growth. With laser therapy, damaged tissues, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments, can repair themselves faster.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is an effective non-surgical option for treating back conditions such as sciatica, degenerative disc disease, facet joint syndrome, and bulging or herniated discs. In some cases, spinal decompression can be used to treat spinal stenosis as well. The way spinal decompression works is that it stretches pinched or compressed spinal joints, which alleviates pressure on spinal nerves.

Numerous non-surgical options are available for treating disc-related neck and back pain. Schedule an appointment with Dr. George Kollias, Dr. Autumn Scaz, or Dr. Elissa Pally to discuss these different alternatives to disc surgery by calling Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy in Tampa, FL, at (813) 884-1457.

August 20, 2020
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Chiropractic treatment relieves auto accident-related pain, stiffness and inflammation naturally. Your Tampa, FL, chiropractors, Dr. George Kollias, Dr. Autumn Scaz, and Dr. Elissa Pally, provide a variety of treatments that help their patients recover from auto accidents.

How chiropractic treatment can help you

Whiplash is a particularly common injury after an auto accident. When your vehicle hits another car or object, your neck moves back and forth suddenly in a whipping motion. This motion may cause a misalignment in your vertebrae or strain ligaments, muscles and spinal discs.

Chiropractic treatments realign the vertebrae in your neck and spine, reduce pain, improves neck movement and decrease inflammation.

The treatment is just as effective as easing aches and pains throughout your entire body as a result of your accident. Treatment also prevents the formation of scar tissue that can limit your range of motion and cause stiffness.

If you don't treat your injuries promptly, you may be more likely to develop arthritis or experience chronic headaches or migraines. Thanks to chiropractic treatments, you may be able to avoid pain medication entirely or decrease the amount of medication you need to keep your pain under control.

What types of treatments are available?

Your chiropractic treatment plan may include several types of therapies, including:

  • Spinal Manipulation: During this treatment, your chiropractor uses his or her hands or a small, handheld instrument to realign your vertebrae. Spinal manipulation relieves joint pain and muscle tension, reduces inflammation, stops bones or tissues from pressing on nerves, and improves your range of motion.
  • Massage Therapy: Massage therapy relieves pain caused by muscle spasms, stiffness or knots in your muscles. The therapy also improves blood flow to the injured tissues and prompts your body to release natural pain killers called endorphins.
  • Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization: Your chiropractor uses small instruments to break apart scar tissue and knots that can limit your range of motion. Treatments restore flexibility and decrease inflammation.

Chiropractic treatment after auto accidents can help speed your recovery from your injuries. Call your chiropractors in Tampa, FL, Drs. Kollias, Scaz and Pally, at (813) 884-1457 to schedule your appointment.