Home Care Instructions

Please follow the recommended care below when using your home care products.

Core Pillow
This pillow aligns the spine and supports the neck in its natural position to help relieve headaches, joint strains, arthritis, neck injuries and neck pain for side and back sleepers.

While sleeping on your back, place your head in the 'head cradle area' so that your neck is stretched over the 'neck support area'.  This position is ideal for supporting the arch of the neck.

While sleeping on your side, place the side of your head on the 'side sleeping area' NOT in the 'head cradle area'.  This position maintains alignment of neck.

Ice Application
Apply a Core pack ice pack to the area of pain with a thin barrier (towel or pillowcase) between your body and the ice pack.  Leave the ice pack on 10- 20minutes ONLY.  Put the ice pack back into the freezer and re-apply in about 1 hour.  Repeat this as needed.  Remember not to leave the ice pack on for longer than 10-20 minutes at a time.

Heat Application
Apply the Core pack heat pack to the area of pain. Leave the heat pack on for 20 minutes ONLY. 

DO NOT use an electric heating pad.