To Your Health Newsletter

To Your Health Newsletter

October, 2016 (Vol. 10, Issue 22)
It's Time to Age Gracefully:
6 Tips You Should Take to Heart

No matter how young or old you are, there's one indisputable fact that forms our collective reality: With each passing second, we're all getting a little bit older. For many people, that fact can lead to surgery and other invasive means to preserve their looks and health. Why not try these natural, noninvasive methods instead to make the aging process as smooth and well, natural as possible?

Put an End to Pain

The Missing Pieces to the Chronic Pain Puzzle

Start Off Right

Safe Exercise Strategies for Adolescents & Teens

Make Your Meals Matter

The Health Benefits of Mindful Eating

Weight-Loss 101

3 Tips to Tip the Scales (in the Right Direction)

Pomegranate Juice
for Prostate Cancer

In recent years, the ingestion of pure pomegranate juice (8 ounces per day) has been shown in clinical studies with human subjects to slow, and to some degree, reverse, the progression of prostate cancer – the second leading cause of cancer death in North American men.

9 Ways to Deal
With the Picky Eater

Many parents have a daily challenge that goes something like this: My kids are picky eaters." Often this boils down to their children's tendency to avoid vegetables, but it can include avoidance of many other foods - usually the healthy variety. Learn how to solve the picky eater dilemma.

Blood Pressure Meds: Is There a Better Option?

High blood pressure is no laughing matter, but common BP-lowering medications may have their own problems. Untreated high blood pressure weakens arteries and stresses the heart, but two classes of blood pressure medications may increase the risk of depression, according to research.

The Pros and Cons of Video Games

Should you be restricting your child's video game time? Research suggests the answer isn't as easy as it seems.

How to Prevent Liver Cancer

Here are the big three modifiable factors influencing liver cancer risk, according to a large study published in Cancer Research.