To Your Health Newsletter

To Your Health Newsletter

June, 2016 (Vol. 10, Issue 13)
Find Your Summer Fitness Groove

If you're like most of us, you spend most of your year slaving away indoors, either at home or at your local gym. What better time than summer to get your sweat in the great outdoors and take a well-deserved break from your musty, dusty, altogether routine exercise routine? After all, exercise is where you find it – here are a few places you can look first.

Headache Help

Say No to Migraine Medication, Yes to Natural Care

Women's Health Guide

Herbal Formulas to Help Relieve Menstrual Pain

It's Great to Be Flexible

Exploring the Science of Stretching

Health in a Basket

5 Essential Fruits You Need to Eat This Summer

Take the Sensible, Simple Route to Slim

In the long run, repeated episodes of unhealthy weight-loss attempts are more likely to cause damage to our body and outweigh the health benefits of short-term weight loss. What can you do to make sure this time is the last time you have to lose weight? By taking the sensible, simple route to slim.

Calories Add Up When You're at Restaurants

While you can certainly find a place to eat out these days that focuses on healthier fare than your standard fast-food or chain restaurants, in general, all restaurants can do a disservice to your bottom line – in this case, your efforts to maintain a healthy weight. That even applies to the non-chain variety.

What You Can Do When You're All Bottled Up

Particularly during the summer months, when we're more prone to sweat and eat infrequently, constipation can be a major issue. As anyone who's suffered from constipation knows full well, it's not a pleasant experience. Here's how to combat constipation before it starts with simple, natural suggestions.

All Hail "the King of Fruits"

Multiple scientific studies confirm the numerous health benefits of the "King of Fruits."

Sit or Stand? Movement Is the Key

Is it better to sit or stand during the workday? Maybe a little of both, depending on the circumstances.