To Your Health Newsletter

To Your Health Newsletter

September, 2016 (Vol. 10, Issue 20)
Maximize Your Chiropractic Experience for Lifetime Health

Chiropractic is a proven method of reducing the signs, symptoms and underlying spinal dysfunctions associated with lower back pain. However, there are many other services your doctor of chiropractic can provide to help you optimize a lifetime of health and wellness. You are about to discover some helpful tips to help maximize your chiropractic experience and achieve lifelong health.

Healthy Aging 101

Magnesium Keeps Senior Women Fit

Threat to Your Bones

Acid Suppressants Linked to Fracture Risk

The Power of Pistachios

One of Nature's Best Cholesterol Fighters

Sports Corner

A Detox Strategy to Maximize Athletic Performance

A Few More Zzz's =
A Few Less Lbs?

When does the average child go to bed, and how much sleep do they actually get? That's an increasing source of discussion, not only because of the wide variance in bedtimes / sleep times, but also because of the profound health consequences we're learning are associated with inadequate sleep.

Men's Health: 8 Ways
to Protect the Prostate

With prostate cancer the second leading cause of cancer death in U.S. men (behind cardiovascular disease), understanding how to protect the prostate from harm is absolutely essential. Here are some prevention tips to follow if you're a man – and to share with your man if you're a woman.

6 Tips to Help Lose
the Weight for Good

When you begin a weight-loss program, one of the first things you often think about is willpower. Will you be able to stick to your diet? Will you be able to reach your weight-loss goals? You may even wonder if is it really possible to increase your willpower and self-control. The answer is yes. Here's how to do it.

Stretch Out That Tight Pelvic Floor

Pregnancy, obesity, straining and other factors can contribute to pelvic floor issues, but stretches can help.

Kids and Alcohol Advertisements

A recent study investigated the impact of alcohol ads on children's alcohol consumption habits.