To Your Health Newsletter

To Your Health Newsletter

March, 2017 (Vol. 11, Issue 06)
7 Signs and Symptoms: Opioid Prescription Is Leading to Danger

When a physician prescribes an opioid to help you or a loved one to manage nagging back pain, the last thing on your mind is that the drug is addictive and may lead to dependency, drug abuse, or even death. Think again. Addiction can happen quickly and depends upon the specific drug. Fortunately, a safer option exists when it comes to managing your pain.

Diet 101 - A War You Can Win

9 Ways to Make Better Food Choices

Common Knee Injuries, Uncommon Sense

How to Avoid Surgery

Energy Boost - Running on Empty

When Fatigue Stops You in Your Tracks

Medicine Cabinet Dangers

Acid Suppressants Linked to Fracture Risk

Your Waist May Make the Difference

If you're obsessed with your body-mass index (BMI) and worry that being above what is considered "normal" for your height / weight will increase your health risks, you may want to focus on another health variable that's proving more significant than BMI: waist circumference. Here's why WC matters more.

5 Factors That Reduce Heart Attack Risk

While heart attacks can't always be prevented, the good news is researchers have identified five healthy lifestyle factors that can profoundly impact one's risk. Adopting even one of these healthy factors reduces your risk, but adopting two, three, four or all five factors reduces the risk even further.

Neck Pain: Think Chiropractic First

Neck pain is no laughing matter; depending on the severity, it can ruin your day, week or even longer. But before you turn to the medicine cabinet for your favorite pain reliever, why not consider a more permanent, safer option? That's where chiropractic care can make a major difference.

Watch Your Weight to Prevent Cancer

A recent research review supports the connection between unhealthy weight and cancer, connecting weight with 11 cancer types.

Stay Balanced With Exercise

Balance is a major issue throughout life, but particularly with age. Fortunately, optimizing balance is easy, even for seniors.