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To Your Health Newsletter

February, 2015 (Vol. 09, Issue 04)
Parenting 101: Teach Your Child
to Eat the Right (Healthy) Way

Parents exert tremendous influence over how their children learn, of course, and it applies to eating habits, according to a recent study that examined how the introduction and frequency of fruit and vegetable intake during infancy was associated with intake of the same important foods at age 6. New parents, here's your reality check if you're not teaching your youngster good eating habits.


Could Your Hospital Be Doing More to Prevent Them?

Make Shape-Up Simple

Three Invigorating Exercises

Safety Tips

Your Trampoline Isn't Nearly as Safe as You Think

The Wonder of Wellness

Six Steps to a Healthier You

Weatherproof Your Skin

OK, it's time for a quick lesson in weatherproofing your skin, your body's largest organ. Particularly when you're in the throes of winter (like now), skin health is pivotal. Here are some simple strategies to keep your skin healthy during the winter months.

B Vitamins for the Brain

Studies on aging reveal that the brain shows progressive shrinking after the age of 60. Some occurs even in cognitively healthy subjects, but to a lesser extent than patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Fortunately, B vitamins can help protect the brain.

Stress and Back Pain

Stress is a part of life, and so is back pain. Ironically, stress is a leading cause of episodic back pain. Your body experiences a cascade of physiological responses during chronic stress, setting the stage for injury. Here's what you can do about it.

Lifestyle Changes to Keep Cholesterol in the Safe Range

How many people do you know who are concerned about their cholesterol? I bet you know at least one person – in fact, it could be you. Learn how to adjust your lifestyle to keep cholesterol in the healthy range.

3 Tips to Help Tip the Scales
(in the Right Direction)

Weight loss is a big buzzword these days, even more so during the first few months of the year. Here are three success tips to make 2015 the year you turn your life around and gain control over your weight.