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May 08, 2020
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Are you dealing with tense, painful, or spasming muscles?
Tender spots in the body that cause pain and discomfort, especially when touched, are often referred to by our Tampa, FL, chiropractors Dr. George Kollias, Dr. Autumn Scaz, and Dr. Elissa Pally as trigger points. Trigger points are localized areas of muscle that, as a result of a lack of blood flow and nutrients, stay tense, and cannot relax. If you are dealing with trigger points, neuromuscular, or trigger point therapy may be ideal for alleviating your pain.
What is neuromuscular therapy?
Neuromuscular therapy is a type of medical massage designed to alleviate muscle soreness, tension, and pain, and to restore movement and function back into certain areas of the body. It also helps to improve blood flow, ensuring that blood delivers vital nutrients to the area to relax the muscles and also promotes faster healing.
Neuromuscular therapy, like many of the treatments our chiropractors offer here in Tampa, FL, requires ongoing sessions in order to see the best results. By getting regular trigger point therapy sessions you can also prevent muscle tension and the formation of new trigger points in the future.
What causes trigger points?
There is a combination of factors that can cause trigger points to develop. Some of these factors include,

  • Overuse or repetitive movements
  • Poor posture
  • Stress
  • Poor nutrition
  • Direct impact or trauma to the body such as a fall, strain or motor vehicle accident

By staying hydrated, regularly stretching and exercising, quitting (or avoiding) smoking, and eating a healthy diet that is low in sugar and alcohol you can reduce your chances of developing trigger points.
Who can benefit from neuromuscular therapy?
This specific type of massage therapy is most appropriate for patients dealing with,

  • Upper or lower back pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Whiplash
  • Knee and hip pain
  • Headaches
  • TMJ disorders
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis

What are the benefits of neuromuscular therapy?
There are a wide range of benefits associated with this form of massage therapy including,

  • Reducing pain, tenderness, and soreness
  • Reducing muscle spasms
  • Improving blood flow and circulation
  • Stimulating the body’s natural healing process
  • Promoting relaxation and improving sleep
  • Restoring mobility and range of motion
  • Improving posture

We take our patients’ health and safety very seriously, especially during this time. Our Tampa, FL, chiropractors are here to help so please don’t hesitate to call Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy at (813) 884-1457. Also, our Tampa, Fl, office will be re-opening on Monday, May 11th to resume our normal hours of operation.

To our valued patients,

We are happy to let you know we will be re-opening for patient visits during regular business hours beginning Monday, May 11th!

Next week we will have staff in the office from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm to answer phones and assist with scheduling as we prepare to re-open on May 11th. You may also email us at [email protected] or leave us a voice mail message and we will get back to you as soon as possible for scheduling.

We will also continue to offer telehealth appointments on a limited basis as an option for the foreseeable future. This is an excellent way to manage your care in the event you are unable to come into the office for treatment. Please call the office to discuss whether telehealth might be a good option for you.

For continued safety, and in accordance with guidelines issued by the CDC, Florida Department of Health and our professional associations, the following policies will be in effect upon the re-opening of the office:

• To comply with small group recommendations, we ask that only scheduled patients enter the office. If you are accompanied by a family member, they should wait in the car or return to pick you up when you have completed your visit. No one without an appointment, including children, will be allowed to wait in any area of the office.

• Social distancing measures will be in place for waiting areas. You may also wait in your car after check-in. We can call or text you when we are ready to take you back for treatment.

• No more than one patient will be permitted in any treatment room that cannot meet the recommended social distancing guidelines.

• We ask that all patients bring your own mask or facial covering to your appointment so that we can help conserve PPE for our doctors and staff. Disposable masks are available for those who do not have their own.

• Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entry and we ask every patient to sanitize before approaching the check-in area.

What we are doing to protect you:

• All staff will wear masks, nitrile gloves and protective eyewear whenever necessary. Patients are encouraged to bring your own mask of facial covering, but we will have disposable masks available if you do not have your own.

• We have instituted a policy of specific sanitizing procedures throughout our office regularly during the day, and all treatment tables after each patient, utilizing products listed on the EPA List N which meet the criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. This includes laundry sanitizer for all massage linens and patient exam gowns.

• We will conduct pre-screenings for all patients over the phone and again in the office upon arrival. All patients will have a touchless temperature scan at check-in.

• Doctors and staff will have their temperature scanned each day. No team member will be expected to work if they are feeling ill or experiencing respiratory symptoms.

We will continue to monitor the effects of this pandemic on our community and make any necessary changes to how we conduct business as may be warranted. Your patience during the temporary but necessary office closure has been greatly appreciated. We have missed seeing our patients and look forward to welcoming you back to our office when we adjust to our “new normal” operations on Monday, May 11th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at [email protected] or call 813.884.1457. Stay well and stay safe!