Featured Newspaper Article: Laser Treatment to Lessen Pain in Tampa

  Between hospital visits, Tom Pirelli hoped to unwind by playing golf. Choosing to make the best of a bad situation, the Pirellis had moved to a temporary home at a golf resort near the hospital where Mrs. Pirelli was receiving treatment for cancer.

“During my first round of golf, after just five holes, pain in my elbow flared up so badly that I could no longer grip a club,” recalls Tom. “I had to quit. I had a chronic condition called golfer’s elbow. It was frustrating to live on a golf course and watch others enjoying a sport I could no longer play. I spent months icing my elbow and resting it, but if I tried to play, the pain would return. The condition was so bad that I had to take pain pills to sleep at night.”

Having previously received laser therapy for pain management, Tom searched for laser practitioners in the area. Only George A. Kollias, DC, at Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy, offered the treatment Tom was seeking. “In addition to golfer’s elbow, I have numerous old injuries from playing rugby in my younger days,” says Tom. “It turned out that Dr. Kollias not only had some new laser technology available, but he, too, had played rugby in his youth, and he was using the laser to treat his own pain.”  

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