What is Laser Therapy?
December 04, 2015
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Laser therapy is simply using light energy to promote cell and tissue healing and repair.       

 Luckily for us, understanding the physics and cell biology behind this medical technique, IS NOT a requirement for laser therapy to work!  The scientific research has been done and we can begin to utilize the benefits of laser therapy for pain management and healing our bodies right NOW!

 The science involves a photochemical response.  That means, using light to create a chemical reaction within injured tissue.  Not just any light. The therapeutic dose of light must be the right power (brightness), able to penetrate deep enough to the injured tissue, and delivered into the injured tissue over a specific amount of time.

 These factors are determined by your Doctor after they take a thorough medical history, perform an examination, take or review diagnostic tests including x-ray/MRI, and arrive at a proper diagnosis. If you're a candidate of laser therapy we can start your treatment that same day!

 Getting the most out of Laser therapy:
Laser therapy treatments are cumulative, each one adding to the one before.  It is important to remember that the absence of pain does not indicate complete healing has occurred.  So be sure not to stop receiving treatment when you start to feel better.  Adhering to the recommended treatment protocol assures the best outcomes.  Only then can laser therapy be successful in the role of increasing the speed of recovery and the quality of your healing. 

 The sooner the therapy is performed on the injured tissue, the better the response.  So, don't delay. Call us to schedule and speak with our Doctors about laser therapy for your pain TODAY!  813-884-1457

--Dr. Karen Derr

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