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Your chiropractors in Tampa, FL, can help with auto accident treatment so you feel better fast

Auto accidents can be scary. The truth is, you may not know how badly you’ve been hurt until days, weeks, or even months afterward. Your body absorbs the shock of the impact, and the damage done isn’t always obvious. The good news is, your chiropractor can help you feel better.

Drs. George Kollias, Autumn Scaz, and Elissa Pally of Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy in Tampa, FL, offer a wide variety of chiropractic and wellness services, including auto accident treatment.

Different impacts can affect your body in different ways:

  • A front impact can result in injury or damage to areas of your chest and lower limbs with a seatbelt, and injury or damage to your face and head without a seatbelt.
  • A side impact can result in injury or damage to areas of your chest, lower limbs, head, abdomen, and internal organs.
  • A rear impact can result in injury or damage to your head, neck, chest, and spine.

If you are involved in an auto accident, there are a few steps you should take immediately. You need to:

  • Place ice on the injury for 15 minutes several times a day for the first few days to reduce swelling
  • Rest for the first 24 hours after the auto accident
  • Use heat after the first few days to relax strained muscles
  • Take over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications
  • Do gentle stretches to keep yourself flexible and prevent muscle stiffness.

See your chiropractor as soon as you can after the auto accident. There are often injuries you may not know about including strained muscles, tendons, or ligaments, bruising, or bone alignment problems.

Depending on your injuries, your chiropractor may recommend:

  • Therapeutic massage to relieve swelling, and reduce muscle tension and pain
  • Manual manipulation targeting injured joints to increase range-of-motion
  • Adjustment techniques to help with bone realignment
  • Electrical stimulation to increase circulation and reduce stiffness

An auto accident doesn’t have to put you on the couch! To find out more about how your chiropractors can help you recover from an auto accident, call Drs. George Kollias, Autumn Scaz, and Elissa Pally of Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy in Tampa, FL, at (813) 884-1457. Call now!

February 19, 2021
Tags: Sciatica  

Living with sciatica can make even the most basic of your everyday activities a painful endeavor. Around 40 percent of people will experience it during their lifetime and it can become more frequent as you get older.

There are steps you can take at home to ease the discomfort, as well as to help prevent it, but for more information consult with your Tampa, FL, chiropractors, Dr. George Kollias, Dr. Autumn Scaz, and Dr. Elissa Pally of Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy.

Sciatica is a condition caused when the sciatic nerve becomes irritated. This is often due to injury to the area surrounding the nerve, typically the vertebrae.

Home Care

When you first begin to feel the discomfort associated with sciatica, ice can help with the inflammation and the pain. Use it for 20 minutes at a time throughout the day, making sure not to apply the ice directly to the skin. After a few days, it's recommended that you switch to heat packs and alternate between cold and hot treatments if necessary.

Over-the-counter pain relievers can similarly help with immediate symptoms. But for longer-term relief exercise can be your best option. Routine activity releases endorphins, a natural pain reliever in your body.

To help prevent future problems it's important that you emphasize maintaining a good posture, especially as you work, whether at a desk or in a more active work environment and remember to exercise to strengthen your muscles.

If your discomfort from a current episode doesn't subside after home treatments, then it's time to seek professional help.

Chiropractor Treatment in Tampa, FL

Your chiropractor will focus on helping you achieve spinal mobility with adjustments, as well as to relieve pressure and pain through massage therapy. To learn more about possible treatments and to schedule your appointment today, call Dr. Kollias, Dr. Scaz, and Dr. Pally of Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy in Tampa, FL, by dialing (813) 884-1457.

January 14, 2021
Category: Chiropractic Care
Tags: Spinal Stenosis  

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of spaces in the spine, which places pressure on nerves. It usually occurs in the lower back and neck, and symptoms vary from one person to another. To know for sure, you'll need to visit Drs. George Kollias, Autumn Scaz, and Elissa Pally of Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy in Tampa, Florida.

How do symptoms vary?

Some people have no symptoms, but others experience several symptoms:

  • pain
  • tingling
  • numbness
  • muscle weakness

Symptoms vary depending on which nerves are affected and require an MRI or CT scan for proper diagnosis. Take into consideration that many symptoms worsen overtime and other symptoms of spinal stenosis include problems with walking and balance, neck pain, bowel or bladder dysfunction, pain or cramping in one or both legs, and back pain.

What's the cause of spinal stenosis?

It's caused by wear-and-tear in the spine and severe cases, your chiropractor may recommend surgery to relieve pressure off the spinal cord or nerves. Other causes include:

  1. Overgrowth of bone from osteoarthritis on your spinal bones creates bone spurs.
  2. Herniated disks, which occurs because the soft cushions that act as shock absorbers dry out.
  3. Ligaments that stiffen over time.
  4. Tumors are uncommon but identifiable using an MRI or CT scan when you visit your Tampa chiropractor.
  5. Spinal injuries, like car accidents and other trauma.

Types of Spinal Stenosis

  • Cervical stenosis, which is the narrowing of the spine in your neck.
  • Lumbar stenosis, which is narrowing of the spine in your lower back

Who's at risk of spinal stenosis?

Age plays a big part, especially if you are over 50. Degenerative changes cause spinal stenosis in younger people, as well as trauma, congenital spinal deformity, and genetics in general. MRI or CT scans pinpoint the cause of spinal stenosis.

Need to speak with a chiropractor?

If you'd like to learn more about spinal stenosis, you can contact Drs. George Kollias, Autumn Scaz, and Elissa Pally of Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy in Tampa, Florida, by calling 813-884-1457.

December 14, 2020
Tags: back pain  

Can a chiropractor help me with my back pain?

Painkillers just aren’t cutting it these days, and even just sitting at your desk is causing excruciating pain. Back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit our Tampa, FL, chiropractor. A chiropractor can provide many people with the relief they need from acute and chronic forms of back pain. Of course, it also depends on what’s causing your back pain in the first place.

What causes back pain?

There are countless reasons you could be dealing with back pain. Some of the most common causes include,

  • Poor posture
  • Strained or sprained muscles
  • Fractures
  • Injuries fall, and accidents
  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Degenerative disc disease (usually occurs with age)
  • Spinal stenosis (usually occurs in people over 60 years old)
  • Pinched nerve

You may find that being sedentary, heavy lifting, and wearing certain shoes such as high heels may also exacerbate your back pain. Since people dealing with chronic back pain are more likely to miss days of work, have their work performance negatively impacted by their health, and also be prone to depression and anxiety; therefore, it’s important to find out what’s causing your back pain so you can get the treatment you need to manage your symptoms. Our Tampa, FL, chiropractor can perform a comprehensive examination to determine what’s causing your back pain.

How is back pain treated?

The purpose of chiropractic care is to reduce pain and other symptoms you are experiencing by improving how your body functions as a whole. While taking pain relievers can help ease the pain it won’t treat the underlying problem. This is why chiropractic interventions and other treatments are required in order to figure out what’s going on. Common ways for a chiropractor to treat back pain include,

  • Physical therapy
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Massage therapy
  • Special exercises
  • Ergonomic recommendations
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Ultrasound and electrical stimulation
  • Heat and cold therapies

Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Wellness Therapy also offers DRX900 nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy, which can provide relief from back pain caused by bulging herniated or protruded discs, as well as sciatica. If you are dealing with severe and chronic forms of back pain that you’re having trouble treating effectively, this spinal decompression therapy may finally provide you with relief.

If you are interested in learning more about your back pain treatment options then schedule a consultation with our Tampa, FL, chiropractor to learn more. Call Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy today at (813) 884-1457.

October 07, 2020
Tags: Disc Surgery   Nonsurgical  

Spinal disc problems due to an accident, injury, or medical condition can lead to serious back and neck pain. Spinal disc surgery is one possible treatment option, but there are several non-surgical alternatives as well. Chiropractic care and massage therapy are just two possibilities. Dr. George Kollias, Dr. Autumn Scaz, or Dr. Elissa Pally, the experienced chiropractors at Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy in Tampa, FL, can discuss alternatives to disc surgery and recommend a specific treatment method for you.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care involves the use of various techniques and therapies for adjusting the spine. Improving spinal alignment can provide relief from the pain and discomfort associated with disc problems, such as bulging or herniated discs. The benefits of chiropractic care include pain relief, increased range of motion, decreased muscle spasms, increased mobility, reduced degeneration, and a reduction in tissue inflammation.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can also be used to effectively treat neck and back pain due to spinal disc problems. Specific massage techniques are used to manipulate the body’s soft tissues and deliver pain relief. Traction massage is one type of therapy that is particularly effective at stretching the back muscles. It can be used to relax the back muscles before performing spinal adjustments to achieve even better results.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is another alternative to disc surgery offered at our practice in Tampa. This treatment method helps alleviate pain by reducing inflammation and is highly effective for treating injuries affecting spinal discs. It also rejuvenates damaged cells by accelerating cellular reproduction and growth. With laser therapy, damaged tissues, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments, can repair themselves faster.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is an effective non-surgical option for treating back conditions such as sciatica, degenerative disc disease, facet joint syndrome, and bulging or herniated discs. In some cases, spinal decompression can be used to treat spinal stenosis as well. The way spinal decompression works is that it stretches pinched or compressed spinal joints, which alleviates pressure on spinal nerves.

Numerous non-surgical options are available for treating disc-related neck and back pain. Schedule an appointment with Dr. George Kollias, Dr. Autumn Scaz, or Dr. Elissa Pally to discuss these different alternatives to disc surgery by calling Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy in Tampa, FL, at (813) 884-1457.

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