What is the Graston Technique

How the Graston Technique From Your Chiropractors in Tampa, Florida Can Help You

The Graston Technique is an effective form of manual therapy that uses tools to mobilize your soft tissue and muscles. The technique focuses on cross-fiber massage which breaks down collagen found in adhesions and scar tissue. It can be used alone or in combination with other treatments like therapeutic massage and chiropractic adjustment procedures.

The Graston Technique is an excellent treatment for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and people who just want to have greater muscle mobility with less pain. The chiropractors at Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy in Tampa, Florida offer a wide range of chiropractic and therapeutic massage services including the Graston Technique, to help you feel better.

Your treatment begins with a thorough assessment of your condition. Your clinician will locate the knots, scar tissue, or adhesions by running the tools over your skin. Then the tools are used to break up the adhesions, scar tissue, or knots to allow freedom of movement.

The goals of the Graston Technique are to reduce pain and increase function by breaking down scar tissue which has resulted from soft tissue trauma, such as an accident, injury, or surgery. The technique works to stretch the connective tissue and reduce scar tissue. As a result, the Graston Technique promotes a better environment for soft tissue healing.

The Graston Technique offers some important benefits, including:

  • Improved mobility, which gives you increased range-of-motion
  • Greater pain relief, which allows you to get back to your daily activities
  • Quicker results, which allow you to begin rehabilitation sooner
  • Decreased overall treatment time, so you can recover faster
  • Reduced need for anti-inflammatory medications and their side-effects

The Graston Technique is a great choice for hypersensitive people because your clinician can modify the amount of pressure. After treatment, you may experience slight bruising and redness. Your chiropractor will recommend stretching and placing ice on the area to reduce any swelling. You should see and feel results within six to twelve treatments.

The Graston Technique can help you and your body feel better. To find out more about the Graston Technique and other chiropractic techniques and services, call the chiropractors at Sheldon Road Chiropractic & Massage Therapy in Tampa, Florida today.